We are Enablers

Dr. Computer, a “born in the cloud” IT Organization started in 2012 from Vijayawada. Dr. Computer is a premier Microsoft Gold Partner, and one of the preferred Azure & Microsoft 365 resources at Microsoft. We have a global presence with customers across North America, Europe, Australia, Africa & Asia and are 100% Microsoft Cloud focused in areas such as IaaS, PaaS, DevOps, Microsoft 365 and Cloud Security Solutions.

We have helped several customers to achieve their Cloud automation, Cloud strategy and Cloud migration goals within Microsoft Cloud, through Consulting Engagement. We are proud to partner with Microsoft’s initiatives like Learn as a Service (LaaS) & Microsoft Learn.

We are Microsoft’s Planning Service Partner of Software Assurances and Software Assurance Training Partner. By leveraging our solutions and extensive experience in delivering them and other consulting endeavors in various industries combined with our high skilled staff, recognized and backed by our high-ranking partnership and trust we have with Microsoft over the years we feel that Dr. Computer is well positioned to meet many of your Cloud challenges.


Our vision is to be your preferred & trusted partner in Cloud & SAAS Services.


When it comes to selecting a partner for “Cloud Infrastructure Management, Cloud Migration, Cloud Security, Cloud Strategy and Cloud SAAS” the types and Quality of services offered is important, but it is not just what the partner does that drives the difference between customer satisfaction and customer delight – it is their character that counts.

The character and passion at Dr. Computer® is best expressed through our mission of our customers’ most trusted business partner and consistently exceeding their expectations we achieve this by combination of experience, expertise, alliances and thought leadership with integrity, objective and our ever-expanding resources and capabilities.

We intend to continually grow enhance our market position as a preferred cloud vendor and to maximize our ability to invest in People, Technology, Innovation process and Infrastructure. Our Passion pervade to our staff as well, through continuous training, access to state-of-the-art technology and a unique mentoring program.

And last but not least, it means a commitment to highly competitive and reasonable fees.


What are we doing? – Cloud Infrastructure, IT Security, Training and Content Development, Application Migration and Hosting, Business Productivity Apps and Services.

What makes us different? – Providing ‘Integrative Business Solutions’ in accordance with Our ‘Business Vision and Model in close co-operation with our international collaborations and associations. This approach we want to provide with our ‘One-stop shop’ solutions and products.

Whom we serve? – Our Customer.

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